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the drum of your passing won't stop practicing on my rib cage

the refrigerator
pops its knuckles
and ice cubes fall
into a tray
that doesn't feel,
as i prepare
for the chill
of an untamed Winter,
organizing your last words
into mortal rows
of memory
and a lantern
looks at me
like i'm the last window left,
so i tap the cold
to see if you will snow
into my brooding
and Tuesday
arches its back,
against the day you died,
with Monday's
Siberian breath
still trying

17 Nov 16

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A triumphant return. Sorry to hear about yield.
 — dannyprice

Hell Yeah!  William Perry is Bad Ass!
 — percocet

What happened to yield
 — unknown

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i just feel so bad how i treated you.....i wish i could go back in time and have treated you better.....i'm so sorry.....i'm such a messed up jerk.....sigh.....forgive me.....or at least try to......i hope you frequent this site again.....you have some really good stuff here....guess you wanted to keep it from me.....or not.....i don't know anymore......you have such talent......your so beautiful....plus your a great spitter..
 — unknown