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Pewter Cross Earring

Buying chocolate-drizzled cannoli
becoming the young baker's
first customer the week
since she opened her new
confectioners' sugar
white neon-pink bakery
he did not know
he turned tears into champagne.
Dropping his last five dollars
in rusted tin coffee can
for scorned one-legged ragged beggar
he did not know he
rebuked the golden priest
alabaster cathedral on the corner.
Smiling at the haggard man
who worked for less than he ached
respecting the weather worn face
laughing at dirty jokes through a pilsner
he did not know it was a sacrament.
Speaking with the widow
nothing of apparent importance
(even after she traded black clothes
blue, yellow, red, white, violet)
she had no one else to speak
he did not know he spread gospel.
pewter cross earring
he wore since 1989
relic of heavy metal days
he did not know revealed:
He always thought himself an atheist
did not know he was the messiah.

15 Jan 17

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