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in the confines

You don't know the stories
I tell myself
to keep me from missing you,
but they don't stop me
from reaching for you in my sleep.
I tell myself
the tears I cried on the drive home
were from relief
not regret,
but that doesn't stop me
from grinding my teeth.
They don't know
when I hear your name
my body yearns,
but that doesn't stop me
from resenting you the same.
So I'll live,
in the confines of fear
with logic as my prison
and the prison as my reason.
To. Just. Let. Go.
but I'm afraid,
I'll find you in every poem
and in every song.
I'm afraid,
logic wont be enough.
I'm afraid,
I'll forget all the reasons
To. Just. Say. No.
I'm afraid,
you are what keeps me up until 5 am.
I'm afraid,
I won't go to sleep
I write this poem.

12 Feb 17

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