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I need some alcohol in my system like NOW!

I'm a cast away
of my own lust
for liquid vixen.
For I'm lingering
in a shitty apartment
full of invisible porn
and dust.
straight shot, just a sip
all at once.
For an hour or two
I may believe it's
better than my depression meds
when I'm done.
I like to pretend" today
is better than yesterday"
as it is written on my wall.

18 Feb 17

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This is tits.

If you ever wanna just grab a beer, talk, I'm 60W
 — unknown

I avoided reading this a few times, thinking it was going to be juvenile. I was so wrong! This is a brilliant poem. Concise, but vivid, and wonderful use of the word. The title does not allude to how clever this piece is, and because of that, the title itself has a visceral cleverness to it. Kudos!
 — dannyprice

I think l13 is a tag a lag. Not needed.

I'm interested in the invisible porn bit. What?

Can a person be so depressed that porn goes invisible?

thanks for the read,
 — PollyReg