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easy to clean up in the future.6, to avoid oil contamination is difficult to remove, might as well use of chair cover to protect your love chair, when accidentally dirty, chair cover will be removed to clean, convenient and easy, more not eat chair.Mainly on market at present is the broken bridge aluminum alloy and plastic doors and Windows material, broken bridge aluminum alloy in impermeability,


anti-aging, etc are much better than plastic, is suggested to choose so broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and Windows, house below small make up to introduce the key points of the choose and buy of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and Windows.1, broken bridge aluminum alloy profile must choose well-known brand manufacturers, currently on the market generally accepted good quality is the phoenix aluminum, of course,


there are a lot of fake phoenix aluminum products, I will also specifically about the identification of true and false feng aluminum.2, middle-east profiles tend to have different types, such as 55, 65, 80 and so on, which actually refers to the width of the profile, as shown in figure is 55 profiles, generally we home window frame should choose 55 profiles, 3, must choose hollow glass,

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20 Feb 17

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