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Poems that avoid talking about Trump

Her eyes, smashed like a face,
Screaming: war! War!
On an icy day,
Just to say,
How much she hates herself.
Gunned by mouth,
The bloody Arab fled his body.
On a clear day,
Red mountains bedizen his forehead.
A magnificent lie inures dreamers,
into coruscating innuendos.
Mithra, Horus, Gilgamesh,
Met in a mind-maze,
For no reason at all.
I must be urgently seen.
She improvised a womb,
From an indecipherable state,
Her youthful poverty - full frontal,
a brutal ideation.

Where everyone sees everyone, and you are accused of being a charlatan. Unless you repeat the lies of our Czar as undeniable truths. Be Better.

23 Feb 17

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I'm the Swiss Barry Allen, but this was fun
 — unknown

Yes , a fun read indeed.
 — unknown