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2 AM

The still air in her nursery
Whispers rising ocean waves
Until her breath, at last
Pushes past my cacophonous grey- scale worry
I step out of the darkness
careful not to disturb the silence
that recently threatened
to swallow me alive.
Daughters don't steal mothers' beauty.
No matter what is said,
we give it away gladly
in incremental predawn payments
for the intoxicant sound
of air moving softly
in and out of their tiny lungs.

13 May 17

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nice imagery here -- there is tension and release -- the last strophe is a lovely rendering of a mothers conflicted feelings resolved -- this has a heart beat -- it kicks at the darkness 'till it bleeds daylight
 — AlchemiA

Exquisite....Love the last stanza
 — larrylark

Thank you both!
 — akiikii

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