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A river only flows downhill,
And I work
At losing my method,
Of letting go into anything--
A feeling, a person, a poem.
I want to laugh like my baby sister,
Pure and joyful and unafraid of fear;
I want to fall into your sunlight without thought;
I want to empty my worries into paper bags and
Leave them in a willow tree, fold myself into a
Paper crane and wait on your doorstep
Because I was unaware that in love
There is a pulling of the abdomen;
I wasn't told that a hurricane can appear
without informing the meteorologists;
I didn't know that a message is the cloud I mistook for shore,
That the absence of a message is an ocean gash.
But, I want to learn the language of a foreign feeling;
I want, you can see, a lot of things,
And somehow they're an amalgam
Of you.

I am new to this site and to writing poetry in general, and I welcome any and all feedback -- especially constructive criticism!

16 May 17

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