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Mushrooms, Perfume And Steering Wheels (1953)

Woke with a start
from those dreams long ago.
A house in a street sat among more.
Mum and dad standing proud by the door
Uncle Jim walking me down into town.
Bought me toy steering wheel for driving round.
Manoeuvred through market made loud hooting sounds
He bought Yardley’s perfume for his bride to be's gown.
Also white mushrooms oh what a feast
Reminded him when there was nothing to eat
Out on The Burma Road dug on his knees
His mind seized on mushrooms."Damned Japanese.”
Back home sat on my small wooden chair,
steering wheel suckered i drove everywhere.
with a fancy dan gear stick attached to the stem,
way down to Ecuador then back home again.
Uncle and dad? Elsewhere engaged.
Speaking of small things, that order each day.
Grateful to be in two up two downs,
half crown monthly debt for deposit was found.
Floor of cracked paving stones, zinc bath with dent,
Woodbine smoke drifted among plaster, cement.
Measuring, lengths, each planned with care.
“Stone sink, own water, not hand pump shared.
Above back yard wall  heaven displayed
A host of stars roamed, full moon ablaze. .
All in its place, a stone's throw away.
A skip and a jump towards much better days?

30 May 17

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