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It's Capitol On The Isle Of Man

She switched on lights.
Gloomy afternoon.
Obedient, we filed in,
stomachs still ruminating
on under cooked potatoes
darkly shrivelled prunes.
Groans suppressed.
We must tune in.
All eyes to the front
thoughts drifting far.
Still most hadn’t a clue,
never got gold stars
“Thinking caps on!”
Map of the world
complete with swirling seas
and places we will never be.
Where little children
might be seen
but never heard..
I squinted,
feeling infinitesimally small.
leaned forward,
searched for my self,
a speck, sprite, elf.
Somewhere on that wall
did i exist at all?
I saw the dot
marking my town.
I was pressed down
at the bottom
of that deep dark spot
trying to breathe
“Sit up straight boy.”
Was i born to annoy?
Her gown blocked out the world
lip curled, my fate unfurled..
“What is the capitol
of The Isle Of Man?
D.....D.....D.....I stammered,
face bright red.
For reason unknown
a three legged leprechaun
filled my head.
“Dublin.” I mumbled.
Now i’d really been rumbled.
“Has this boy got a brain?.”
she spluttered, as if in pain.
Marbles fell out of my head
splattered into the ink well
while i prayed for the bell.

6 Jun 17

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should it be "reasons" in 42?  otherwise, enjoyed.  kudos.
 — JKWeb

old man eat your prunes and shut the fuck up!
 — percocet

Thanks for the spot JK.

Larry measles Lark
 — larrylark

Eat your 5 a day, mung beans and tapioca soup and shut the fuck up young man

Larry fick up Lark
 — larrylark

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