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A Conversation With Death

What happened?
One day I woke up
Felt funny
Realty's different
Not like it was Monday
Everything's twisted
headed to the end
promising things
they were all pretend
The news spews bullshit
Or that's just what we're told
Should I just sit
Or get up and be bold?
How is this reality?
Have I been tricked, bamboozled, hoodwinked, deluded, deceived. maybe duped, fooled, cheated, swindled and used.
Is this a shaft, flimflam, sucker, snooker, allude?
We are part of the hoax.
Been coned, bilked, diddled, and rooked.
This a charade,
an illusion, mirage,
Reality suspected to be
Nothing more than a lie
I got no
ownership rights.
But reasons to fight
Seem apparent
as frequent
As the sun and the nights
No more postponing
A check
on my performance
a little where have you been?
Accomplishments enormous?
-Oh not exactly,
just been
thinking of you,
you've been
all up
in my mind
I've been obsessing it's true.
much more
like a memory
when I come to.
My dreams are filled
with scenes
of me
with you.
Oh death
you so silly
can you not
put your hands
on my leg
I'm sorry
but this is
moving too
I need some space
oh please don't
resent me,
I love you and I need you
to understand.
The difference from doing wrong and right
is making plans.
So when you come back,
I'll be here waiting,
But it won't be patiently,
Cause the whole world is baiting me
So if it keeps up, this constant berating
During deep meditation
I'ma share your visit
With all those who forgot of your existence
Oh death, are you afraid?
too timid?
To be at my constant beck and call
I get it.
I know you ain't my slave
But give me a minute to explain
My Plan to you
It involves the end of days
are you gitty?
With anticipation?
Ready to commit mass devastation?
So now, Do you understand?
The difference from doing wrong and right, is making plans.
To be clear I am the plan maker
So just take a number dear
Wait for the ground shaker
And the whole world's holding hands
Huddled together and cowering
Praying that this their god's plan
But unfortunately
that's all a lie
We've been telling our selves for centuries
to blind the eyes
Of the people, to control the sheep
This country the sequel
opened the gates for sleep
But wake up, please wake up
Right before you die
So you can realize the errors
In the way you've been living your life
I'm sorry, I really am
But this is my methodology,
this was my plan
To bring us close
to the brink of destruction
To show the pointlessness of human construction  
We ain't Gods and we ain't his people
No reward is coming to the meek or the feeble
This is Earth, literally dirt,
we have no shoes or no shirt
We get no service
So when death comes
Don't be nervous
Open the door and embrace him
Show some courage  
Cause it's the end
don't worry
On the last page
of your story
There's no reason to apologize
don't be sorry
Cause wrong and right is as imaginary as making plans
So death and people
do you understand?
That glass is just sand
And man can not stand
Up to the man
Who is extending his hand
He has the power
But this is the hour
To change
The definition at hand
We have the power
the numbers
To free the birds,
that are in cages
To hear them sing
for the first time in ages
But please remember what derange is
Because forgetfulness is as dangerous.
And this ain't just comin from my cranium.
Believe me man, I ain't delirious
Every word spoken so serious.

12 Jun 17

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btw, this isn't a poem...
 — kripto

what is it, then? a message from god?
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