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Reasoning the Unreasonable

As I sit here with a lit cigarette between my lips,
Contemplating why there is a lit cigarette between my lips
I feel a loss of words
Some things are unexplainable
This is not one of those things
Can Addiction be a form of love?
Am I addicted, or am I in love?
Simultaneously, both seem true
The poison is said to spread
But I see it only contained
And released and contained again
As I am required to be restrained
to be quarantined from others
Separated, fenced in like cattle
That is the reality I face
However, I am not alone
There are more like me
That live like me
That breathe like me
However, no matter how many there are
Still we are alone
We Live alone
We breathe alone
And we die alone

12 Jun 17

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 — unknown

Just wait till they outlaw alcohol and coffee.
Walking past a school in California 25 years ago I got screamed at for poisoning the children's air.
You could always tear the filters off and smoke one whole pack at a time if you wanted to hasten your own demise but waiting to die of loneliness may be the more prudent option.
 — unknown