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if you'd be mine

if you'd be mine,
we'd live in the land of the porkypines--
that world of trees,
coniferous! and without bees.

13 Jun 17

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i was reading franzen's book on karl kraus. and, karl kraus was something like a house -- he had a roof. he had a porch -- upon the porch was an electric torch. and, by that torch young karl did endevah, to write a better finish to 'cry me a rivah.' But, when he wasn't going for song fame and glory, he'd rip into poets, his critical forte. A fav target was Heinrich Heine -- and, there was never a lyricist guy who'd turn out stuff finer -- good old heine...  believe you me.

so, thinking of franzen and heine and krausy, it seemed to me, kraus, he kind of acts lousy to heine the bard -- too gory, too hard. so's i says to me, 'mike!', i says, write a little heine something -- but, the best i could come up with, was this doggerel dumpling.
 — cadmium