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Sweet Strawberry Demise

Her life was seldom
a bowl of cherries
only the sourest grapes
she could never quite
If just one
had stuck in her throat
after he died
she'd have been smugger
than freshly baked bread
choking happily
on her just desserts
until mashed banana
made whoopee with dust
She'd strolled under ladders
whenever she could
sailed through traffic
jaywalking her nose in the air
with scarcely the thought
of a second look
On the windiest nights
she slept out alone
by coconut grove
shook her stick at lightning
from the top of the hill
but retribution for such
never struck once
Life made her sadder
and sourer by the year
as the burden grew heavier
she could hardly see
and barely walk
though she never quite
ground down the grit
to end it for herself
If she thought God had ears
she would have told him
in no uncertain terms:
Look here, sonny
we need to talk
Enough is enough
Instead of some home
you can lay me to rest now
but better make it quick--
one last strawberry
real fat and juicy
that big one
swallowed whole
ought to do the trick

16 Jun 17

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I got a dick you can die on.
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"smugger" rly...
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"Her life was seldom?"
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u are lucky bitches hate me.
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god your vernacular isbad
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wtf are u complaining about?
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"nothing, no where?"
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sweet strawberry?
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no... No... Nooo.  We will get along.
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