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I like to meet in tongues

I like to meet in tongues
so I dedicated my skull to learning about taste
feeling around for that pretty one
who gets with speaking in tongues and
licking soliloquies in my inner ear
and tastes like irony and apples and sweet discoveries
looping and rolling tongues
licking and learning --
drinking the waters of each other
where we can taste friend or enemy
and explore what each other has
on the
tip of the tongue
I tasted your lost keys once
and found them where you said you had looked
maybe if I lick your boots I'll know where you've been
maybe my tongue is better at tasting the future than the past
Somehow I knew we were coming to an end
I tasted your dry lips and your tongue
hid behind that uneven wall
You tasted of metal coldness and strange memories
I began to taste my own sickness
I can taste it even now

18 Jun 17

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