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i am squeezer dot psychometric squeezer dot com with a checkbox. whois your daddy?
i am frenzy dot myriad dot frenzy dot org with my feasibility dot ru. facile dot scourge.
militia then militia dot vagina again dot orgasm. i am ear dot splitter with a backyard full of throat dot cookie. dot  pop in. dot dark, dark cup. we're better for our book club.
this house is my tissue dot mouth dot roof dot thrush. over and out to the sergeant major at addresses are for pussies. dot tail. dot org.
dot spider. dot egg smell. dot ruski and dot flatbread.

19 Jun 17

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https://youtu.be/32YQYJuxyn 0
 — PollyReg

squeeze deez nutz and check the fucking box.
 — percocet

this poem justifies mouth fucking.
 — percocet

Some words and there arrangement have that certain swish to the ear. I like to call these ones "sentences," Percolator. Though you may continue to call them "Pollys" if it suits your agenda. I'm easy going like that.
 — PollyReg

 — PollyReg

Once we all start identifying with machineries that are primarily used to disrupt temperature, there won't be an existential crisis in sight. True information. This charming dude, Perky,  and I have worked it out already. That's why we have the facility, not to mention the mental agility, to return our concentrations to Hatty down there. Cigarette? Self heating can of tea? Hank for prime minister!
 — PollyReg