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it's like they not have poet soul,
just sexy boy body -- young kid,
he want poetry education --
so, why he go all,
'what you want, homo' to me?
stupid american. suspicious.
he only got one thng to sell;
ok, so then you talk him to serious
reader. show how to makes words dance --
is not so easy for surfer boy! he got to work.
then, is next, when they see they not so good poet,
try to get respect by hustle;
try to hook up -- 'you like my poem,
it's behind my zipper.' -- skum
kid, rich or poor, nothing
of self-real, only just meat. children of meat.
finally, see they can't,
can't fuck their way to poet --
nobody worth something as writer wants them for fuck.
nobody likes them for their brilliant conversation --
all which makes skater dude
so sad -- see skate dude cry.
fuck, you can't say how fuck
is what happens when can't write. that and drug.
if they got balls inside, got what it take;
to put like scientist: if they have anything
in their atomic self besides bull-s.,
they write the simple poem,
then, you love them for genius, tell them,
and they go away -- you know you got it when it makes you feel good... oh, yes.
and, evaporate -- who the hell knows...
so, they leave you alone to finally learn you yourself to be poet.
you are more because of it;
for them, it won't count as anything
except day-dream. even so, now they are Young Poet, instead of lover-boy.
but they still can't read you, can't read like old man.
can't help you.
students are worthless, wonderful, what the hell.

20 Jun 17

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