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I am Drunk as Fuck

And I am walking out that door.

24 Jun 17

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Oh my! Don't repress your anger now...or you'll force my Freud trip!

And you better believe it Baby, there is nary a more naked sight then Your Aunty Psychology-Pol.

Ain't no halves abooot it (Sorry, I went all Scottish for a moment. No particular.)

"That's not a half naked girl..."

Luv and twiddles,
 — PollyReg

You're always fun Perky. Considerate of you too (us?) to only be here once I week. I feel we are 'good people" like that.
 — PollyReg

Thanks Polly.  I would be cool with talking to you personally.
 — percocet


You mean your poetry is not talking? And shoot, after all this time, you choose now to tell me.

Even after I have spent all these years trying not to be ignorant.

And its all been in vain, Perky? Really?


Of course you would, I'm non threatening. I like it that way too, It's a cultural pride thing.
 — PollyReg

But if hypothetically you told me you wanted to kick me to death for self gain, in turn, I would smile sweet as can be and hypothesise that in the unlikely event of such an incident, I'd be hypothetically inclined to punch your fucking face in. Then we'd have a schooey and check out some ass down at toony pub, bro.

It's the way we do ems here. Friendly as.
 — PollyReg

nvr mind then
 — percocet

jk.  Okay, so what?  We less banter more truth?
 — percocet

Ya, you are fucking dumb.
 — percocet

I feel like the young turks
 — percocet

reality has no place, no presence?
 — percocet

this is ok as poetry writing -- it's a phrase containing phrases and not some set of constipated sentences keeping some truth tight up-side.

when did real poetry have to be dumbed down to mean something to the word-shitters? middle-school and high-school lit english classes are just about social-studies in drag -- finding the 'do the right thing/don't do that, though' thing inside some crazed poet's crystallization of reality into words -- something ordinary readers just will not, by law and grammatical black-shirts, ever get.
 — cadmium

cadmium would love to contain me.
 — percocet