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Through her pain, she will love you

Your mama is the ocean 
She is the deepest of complexities which rise to waves crashing against the sandy shores 
And you, precious one, are its pearls of opalescent colors.. gleaming with joy
Through her salty tears, she will love you
Your mama is the galaxy
She is the stars that shine and the red planet that spins
And you, brilliant one, are its comets uncatchable beyond farthest reach
Through her dizziness, she will love you
Your mama is the earth 
She is warm and comforting, gentle and kind.. sometimes quaking with passion for its people
And you, growing one, are its living things, ever wild and ferociously free
Through her burning core, she will love you
Your mama is the mountain
She is the bending river and rocky hillside
And you, adventurous one, are its fresh air, keeping her awake and alive with the power of time
Through her strong stance, she will love you
Your mama is the woman who raises you, challenges you and comforts you
She is the mother who satisfies her child with goodness and grace
And you, sweet baby, are the one she will always adore for through her pain, she will love you

27 Jun 17

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