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All Those Days

We are amazed by ourselves
after all these years,
dwelling on small things
we have nurtured, held dear.
Wine glass empty.
I hold your hand.
Wink while you send one back and smile.
I am giddy from this “you and I.”
the long hard miles.
If i could walk back down
laughter would be near,
so few tears.

6 Jul 17

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why, larry... this is almost poetry.
 — cadmium

You just can't stop yourself can you. No known cure for Cadmiumitis.

Larry on and on Lark
 — larrylark

you're so astute.
 — cadmium

you know, 'larry', you once praised me here for always trying to take the dialog to a higher level. that begs the question, now, and i wonder where the level you're taking this fits in a real world of living poetry? i suspect it's under the kitchen sink with the scrub rags -- something about making your past look shiny and your present seem viable. viable to the ignorant.
 — cadmium

Give yourself a rest cad, you are starting to sound exhausted.

Larry fagged out Lark
 — larrylark

thank you for your courtesy, sahib.  
 — cadmium