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It was a small cafe,
the sign that hung outside
appeared wider than the
shoppe itself.
The logo was a purple monkey
with a large cup of coffee in his hand
caption "Worlds Grapest Coffee".
Once inside the first thing you notice
is the place smells like brewed heaven,
not like those fru-fru places with all their
exotic flavors, this was just good ole
coffee aroma, it was thick in the air
and delicious to the nose.
As far as the ambiance,
there wasn't one,
no pretension here.
The wooden floor was old,
worn and uneven, It almost felt like
you were standing on the deck
of a small boat in the midst of a storm,
if you didn't know better, you would
swear the tables and chairs could
come sliding your way at any moment.
The counter looked like it was installed
in the 70s, it had a blue gray formica top
with tiny speckles.
The woman who took my order
had these remarkable eyes, they were
sea green, I was taken aback immediately
when I saw them,
she was wearing a white button up
blouse with a black apron wrapped around
her waist, the kind with a pouch in the front.
Short and slim with long, dark, silky,
chestnut brown hair, her smile was one
of those contagious kinds. I wouldn't say
model beautiful, but sure not hard
on these old eyes.
When asking for my order, her voice
wasn't as high pitched as I imagined it would be.
It had a smokey jazzy feel to it, for me that
just upped her beauty level to a ten.
I ordered a regular coffee black, two sugars,
felt my order should match the throw back
feeling of the place.

7 Jul 17

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ah. reads like one of those professional reviewers reviewing an amazon product. think the product here is 'cafe', but it might be 'contagious' and for listerine.
 — cadmium

It's prose.
 — unknown

it is. and, the line breaks are kind of a handicap ramp for writing paragraphs when the form is too high up the writing scale. i understand that, and used those ramps many times when i was starting out.
 — cadmium