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Brief Encounter (1946)

They held each other close.
Silence froze over their heads,
welded to the heavens.
For a brief moment they floated, untethered.
Then frosted outlines fell those inches back to earth,
as time moved on towards my birth.

11 Jul 17

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I notice he is back all over this site like a rash, even re writing other peoples poems for them. How kind.

Larry the milk of Lark
 — larrylark

nice concept, a little wordy, like you were insecure about being mistaken for someone un-normal... i mean, someone normal but without the pretension.

too bad you never got the idea of a poetry workshop being about the smartest verbal people in the world coming together and helping each other actually create, invent, poetry. people like you can't, though, because that would mean being honest, instead of exhibitionist.

you've got the talent. and, i've seen at least one piece of yours where you actually caught the rhythm of life and bent your little english ego to it... actually let go and sang in public when you weren't drunk on anything but poetry. that's all it's about, larry. not bonding or sharing or forming a group of drunk pubbers to shut out a smarter and healthier world.
 — cadmium

Where do you get this patronising shit from. Does it grow on trees. If its coming out of your own head i despair.
 — larrylark