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there's a way to be,
if you're born so,
so involved so infinitly certain.
though, everything
ain't what it's so,
and everyone peaks at 20,
loses it at http://poetrycritical.net/read/88894/30,
goes clever in the end
fakes so much genius --
stack after acres of stacks.
but, however, next to the best chemical,
poet is the sure,
invulnerable, SECURity:
                                              dude am i.
                                              foolish nothing.
                                              feed my bliss.

11 Jul 17

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I'm disagreeable to your everyone - I like most of your words. I don't like ipa
 — bettalpha

"IPA" stands for 'india pale ale', a popular hipster beer her in portland oregon and elsewhere. to me, it's just mindless vapidity, especially when you watch them stagger out from the brewery, barfing in the street. so, for this little topical verse, IPA contrasts with anything creatively real that these kids could be doing, but, culture bound and not curious or intrepid, don't.
 — cadmium

I know what IPA is. And it ain't for hipsters. It's for grandpa and his friends. Made em frisky with lil girls playing pool. It wasn't called a hipster in those days it was called a flask tucked in my Tuesday pants. Respectfully.
 — bettalpha

The only ale worse is newkie, and I don't remember enough to tell which daddy had me on that

{comedy charleston dance with a Pierrot face}
 — bettalpha

i think alcohol, when you're over 40, is retard. and, even so, kids should use it to get psychadelic and conscious, instead of just numbing to forget. they're too young to forget, 'cause all they can really remember is poop and toys. ( 'poop' represents their relation to their body and family, and 'toys' represents the little things they do to have fun. sk8r, console, french fries, dope, beer.
 — cadmium

cleaned this up for you, bettalpha. got rid of the too-obscure IPA and turned it generic. also, added 'smoke' to the list of things which make people too insulated to be real. just being real: vulnerable, not cool -- totally heart on your sleeve emotional.
 — cadmium

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