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Ways of Knowing

And on my left hand you
appear smiling in spite
of the clangor and imminent
threat of the whole
damned thing collapsing
around us which it could
very well do. Or maybe
it has or will again but for now
there's only your chin
quivering up to a shall we?
while the man at a nearby
table sits with his
cigarillos and clear ideas
of things as they seem;
therefore I grasp your hand
knowing nothing for certain
except what I know
in this moment near you
as you turn your head
forcing the labials and palatals
whispering shall we?
They sing and sway and laugh and play and love and somehow seem so much above us though much like us, so when they're cuttle-cuttling or sashaying swimming singing or even playing when they're loving is what I'm saying they too must feel a subtle warming behind their ears or else a beating pulsing swarming in their breasts and then the question is do mermaids sweat she said and laughing took his hand in hers and said I wonder yet I wonder yet.

12 Jul 17

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a nice read. the two voices i and ii work for me, i'm released from the tension into a tip-toe and then twirling, kind of dervish. this is good lyricism, where i feel the author felt and saw the words falling into place.

as poetry, the two parts together make the second part work. you might say -- someone might -- that the heavy first part wasn't necessary, but i think both sides, voices, ways of saying and seeing, seeing of the world, are necessary.
 — cadmium