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Dream Walker

Last night, I dreamed I walked.
You say, “OK”,
and wait for the rest,
But that’s all there is;
I have not walked,
with nothing but legs beneath me,
since I was a child,
Three years before Hero Dr. Salk
Invented the miracle shot;
I walked a few years as a child,
but those memories , and most others,
were burned out by disease and time;
You walk, and you run,
and I wonder how it feels;
And then last night,
I dreamed I walked,
my legs seemed wobbly,
but they held me up unaided,
and even in my dream
I knew how glorious, and yet strange,
it was;
I walked out of a house,
into a green yard,
I was barefooted,
and I knew what grass felt like between the toes;
And I walked,
and walked,
and moved my legs quicker and quicker
and suddenly I was running!
It was a herky jerky kind of run,
but, oh, Lord, I was running,
and I laughed out loud –
and I awoke.
I dreamed I walked last night,
it was a dream of decades ago.
But I walked.

15 Jul 17

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