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I stand at the finish line
As the runners come by,
Some collapsing as they cross,
Others raising their arms in joy,
And I yell, “How does it feel?”
The girl on the water skis
Flies across the froth of waves,
Her legs bouncing,
She crosses the boat’s wake
And slips into the air,
And I yell, “How does it feel?”
A couple dances, bodies held close,
Touching faces, holding hands,
Feet slowly moving to the beat
Of an old love song,
And I ask, “How does it feel?”
The first baseman runs,
Makes a leaping catch
Of the bouncing ball
And like a white streak
Leaps to the base,
And the crowd hears me yell,
“How does it feel?”
A shy little girl peeks
From behind her mother’s
Skirt, slowly reaches out
And touches the wheel
Of the old man’s chair,
And asks,
“How does it feel?”

15 Jul 17

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