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drawn from the elysian fields to the ocean's pacific
afar i'm on a skinny dip ride
sun-kissed as i lay my bicycle
overlooking a seashore of ground mud
blade of grasses blow tumbleweeds
sequoias grow coconuts
squirrels run to their sandy crab holes
today is another low tide of hardened soil for gathering seaweeds of dried leaves
to have a taste of raw fish of bees noise
in a polarity of seabirds of a lone dragonfly,
and quiet butterfly hops
i would go further to dive at the bottom fields sea floor
reach for dandelion or violet corals
snorkel in sunglasses
cleats of aqua shoes in place
careful that i won't get pricked by sea urchin rose thorns
not misidentify a phytoplankton from gooey matters
i come out of the water fresh dry from the fields
don't care to a mess and salty smelling hair
in time for a train ride to seal my ocean of thoughts
seeing the same skies however birds fly high
underwater universe turns upside down

16 Jul 17

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