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As you made me free to be me the warmth of the glowing globe trots away and reflects your show, horsehair spilling out from beneath your cap, we return to the discomfort you created for me having to live in yet another poem, another home you told me you built to spill its contents into, droids and all, the superficiality of our conversational tone—deaf to your demands—but most definitely defiant because you forced my hand into four commas, the cornerstone to my relief your disavowing, interior motif allows to allocate sour courses in coarse coalescence—I will always be the infinite infinity in the track you left on paper airplanes—sustain me and my metal petals, nettle mistakes and single takes, take the air beneath your miracles and sigh the sigh I could see us sighting in the sky as I try to have sung you your lullaby in Thai—I wrote you poems back then—back when you were the 1, the 1 to loathe my lathed latte, the 1 to make me late in the day, the 1 to 1 ratio like the play button on the stereoscopic legislation you sunk forward into the hook-line because you can do anything even if you never believe the reversal of roles you rolled into revered, so throw into verse like you really care about me (and my mirror) spilling out from four farmers’ faux pas, filaments of failure finally floating bananas foster across your burgeoning hurdle quickly becoming the gate to our parade, perhaps the finish line you cross and cut cassettes caught in the pull of gravitons and apathetic creatures blending in with peers as they peer into the brightness of your undefined momental—I smell musk swirling around the deepened tirade you torment without choice because your nature is so naturally sweet and kind, someday soon we will run from time holding hands against the stars as you learn of my forgiveness, as you learn of my understanding that I knew you were going to do whatever it was you were going to do long before I ever (made you believe I) met you safely tucked away in your lover’s safety spinning the dial for conversations to convert your consternation into pieces of one’s perspective, irrespective of one’s pace as neither tortoise nor the hare really wish to race each other in actuality, in actuality they race time too, so might I suggest some recognition of one’s cognitional abilities as they're known to fade irregardless, we are all in this boat together so let us row across the underside of the surface monotonously, creating the same waves you surfed in your dreams of limitless potential to be anything you wanted like the poem you wrote with phosphor in the sink hoping I’d read and were I to have all the time inside the world I might let you write forever but the tissue fell to ground and soaked the ocean of your fears up as my only wish ripens and you become fearless finally willing to say what you were always willing to say but were always unable to because you couldn't find the words that made up my extent, I really wish I could have broken you but the broken can not break and neither can the unbreakable which, lucky for us, flourishes in poetry like the spirit of all that is.

16 Jul 17

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