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motor dot write for drinks wrong bar

so, i sez to them, i sez,
"if philosophy
the smartest
way to use writing,
then classical music --
             any of the world
             classical musics --
European --
            is the smartest way
            to use sound."
and, they kicked me out.
gotta find a better gay bar.
[millennia section]
so, two steel workers and me go into a fern bar,
and i sez to the bartender, i sez,
"classical was always a music
written outside the cheap world of pop um-pa-pa
polka music of the masses. it only had
to be a music
written to find
the most musical ideas in the music itself.
it's not for everyone. in fact,
it takes a pretty high musical IQ
to be grabbed by it and drawn
into the dialog of music and consciousness.
that's why i'm not too concerned
about not having a lot of public
to classical anymore. someone who's really musical
will find classical anyway -- the feeble version
                                        of classical used as film music
                                        has enough smart musical
                                        rhetoric to grab
                                        a genius kid's musical mind.
and, in fact, some films
just quote Bach and Schubert and Beethoven
and even
enough to expose real music
to anyone who needs it. so, in any case,
fuck your pop shit."
the bartender, he's not tender --
he reaches for this baseball bat and hits my head, and
16 longhairs and four insane poets,
and 19 hector berlioz brained
composition students beat on the bartender
and it was free drinks,
but i'm dead up there with leonard bernstein.
the end.

17 Jul 17

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