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Bright Red Clay

Too bad
the old man said
The war is dying
to fuck us all
She's the ugliest lover
you'll ever meet
but you'll never forget
her face

1 Aug 17

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It is almost like an adage

"War makes for an ugly bed partner"

I even googled it...but I didn't find anything.

Very good. Succinct. Well written. A little relatable poppit.

Well done,
 — PollyReg

This poem has me reading about Stockholm Syndrome in veterans.

I know about PTSD, already, tho not in returned service people, just in general.

So, to come back to this, it's metaphorically sound, gives a little side step, theres a token, (complimentary?)'ding dong the unforgettable hag is dead' in it

lol, Id bet this is Cadmiums

Here's a toon for you:

https://youtu.be/Az_GCJnXAI 0

Kind of sorry I commented, kind of prevents anyone from getting other comments, I feel.

Peace ✌️
 — PollyReg