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Is it right?

5 Aug 17

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weemember, that there's an 'us' in wightousness and you'll put a smile on your dog. he daid, but it look like a  smile you see it from the side.
 — cadmium


Percocet, I tell myself this everyday:

"Polly, my girl, daren't you EVEN step onto no common in no size 10 mule"

Just like that.

(I don't ALWAYS settle my own score in 'bush thug' to make it more authentic)
 — PollyReg

Sometimes Bush Thug, Sometimes Carlotta, Sometimes Afro-American, Sometimes dairy queen employee, Sometimes Ghandi, Sometimes Rick Astley, On occasion Ballerina, Bit mostly in the non distinct (and mostly) broken dialect of the neighbour.  True information.
 — PollyReg