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yesterday when i ran about

do i mean beer froth
or the kick of vodka
to your closest breath
when i should be looking away
where do i hide
because the least of me is not trying
embed betrayals in my eyes to be found
attraction invites
fatal for flowers and chocolates
so i let wine
almost a wedding when i think funeral
don't you feed madness

8 Aug 17

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yes, when the words seem to be the thoughts and the only way to read the poem is to think it while you read it. which is like saying that you write it while you read, and that's the highest form of poetry. someone around it is lyrical, but the music has to come from inside me before i can read someone else's music. good read.
 — cadmium

I love, but I miss your thoughts.
 — percocet

 — percocet

u can be dumb if u want to.
 — percocet

u can be smart if u want to.
 — percocet