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To all old habits yet to fall,
I dare you to make trouble all,
For dying is a welcome mate -
And addiction is but just a trait
Imposed on me through self-debate that
Loneliness can conquer all.
How can i ignore the call
Of decency that shelters all?
My moral compass lies in wait.
For everybody prone to hate
The darkness lacking in the day,
Reveal yourself, resist decay:
Disease, the light abominates.
I remember being truly happy
I was selfish and ignorant,
The former being a feeling
Never to be reached,
Yet I'm pleased to see so many people
Misunderstand the words I regurgitate.
Never home, never alone, yeah
I see no normalcy in how I function,
so full of sorrow, but helpful!
At least those have learned
That with happiness truly comes
The need for therapy, and never
Feel a need to join in.
Mathematically being the happiest
Yet the least alive, I do believe
I walk among the newly dead.
I wish the question never crossed my mind;
To what dreary existence do we return
When not graced with brilliance?

10 Aug 17

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