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Day In The Sun (song lyric)

Do not speak to me tonight of the cold
If I could just reach over touch your arm again
Besides you had your day in the sun
And if you want to come along now
You’d better run
Just don’t say a word
You said enough
The winter sun sitting low in the sky
makes it hard to see the road ahead
The time we used to have to stay so far apart
The time we used to have
I give it back to you
Just don’t say a word
You said enough
The freedom you allow yourself
is the freedom you achieve
And all that you saw in your young self
is what you wanted to believe
Another small creature runs into the road
You have to swerve around to keep from
running over it remains to be seen where you are
And when you finally start to come around
I wont be far
Just don’t say a word
You said enough
Not another word
You said enough

12 Aug 17

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slow ballad. but, maybe punk rock sung fast and loud and you can never hear your friend's lyric, and he keeps saying, did you like it...??

slow ballad works. kind of prosy sometimes, but using the music like butter to lubricate the pancake makes it go down.
 — cadmium

It's all about the melody
 — Rely

yo dude, it's cold outside.
 — percocet

It's cold outside.
 — percocet