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Hot soft and pink

She wore the whitest
sex after death panties
a cherry bralet top
and desert whorehouse heels
The crazy red lizard
inked on her thigh
writhed and spat succubus
as her butt cheeks
squirmed on the swing
creasing her shorts high
until the zipper slipped
half way
dry mouth down
while I grinned
like a drunken funeral clown
getting higher
and harder
with every push
All men
think the same
and every woman
knows different
So while she
was wriggling her toes
to touch the bright blue sky
my mind
held her tightly by the throat
as we rolled together
flattening the leggy summer grass
her breasts soft against my chest
bodies locked bone to bone
the better thrill
that animal pleasure
heavier than time
You're making me giddy
she laughed
What'll we eat for lunch?
Something hot soft and pink
I said
Very hot
and pink

19 Aug 17

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she said, " not tonight."
 — percocet

I know that your mother likes it rough, but Jesus Christ!
 — percocet

yo bro, go to sleep.
 — percocet

I only sleep after sex
 — unknown