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holy fuck

Oh my, oh my, oh my
I woke today
with an ache like fire
split between the fuel of my ribs
calling out to breathe shallow
from the pipe of an open mind
so I might forget pain for only a moment
and remember youth, lust, passion,
commitment, friends
long gone
down their own roads
whose foraged paths
I often admire
and envy.
yes today I woke
to do nothing if not move
and listen to music,
think of the arts-
the science- the mystery
of the cosmos
and unending questions
they pose,
enigmatic and obvious,
like poetry of the resting souls
and retired minds.
today I realized I must heal
and let these cuts, cracks, holes
close, mend, before I test
myself again,
but instead for now
share these broken sentences
with anyone with whom
I could possibly resonate
when I implore them
to think
out loud, and speak out
with argument, wit,
and wisdom.
today I heard a combination of sounds
just right,
that made me smile
through the glum
glued to my face,
whose tendrils are toughened
but whose end I can sense
if I focus and listen closely
to all those who pray for me,
and give them my
absolutely, singular goal
driven, utter thanks,
and maybe, if only for once,
let them see me succeed
and believe me
because I'm known for my honesty.
Yes today I got stoned
by the fabric of life
and fearless love for self:
enough to love others.
Today I am possibly better
than yesterday,
and open to make something new,
leaving the recycled head-storms

20 Aug 17

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