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And now, before I flip the switch: I offer both my apologies andan explanation: rumination, you were my only friend in the whole entire world until you unfurled your determination you see it was easier before this opportunity to use and bonda determiner to undermine the sources of your planetary resources riding horses through fields of power as the flowers sprung back up from above the Earth—I wonder if you will dislike me—I dislike myself—after all it is quite difficult to exist asan alcoholic bond in the pond you splash—why is nobody stopping the flow of time—I mean—there isa controller right there next to the extra work button you can not quit pressing—how were my forced line breaks created from clay for you as well under your coffee spell, a coffee smell you fell into finally fantastic undera cream sky, can you determine when to gainer off determiners, I also agree that you or someone you know will never turn off mea culpable culprit to your lost language—say goodbye goodbye as I went in in full denial of the collision—how interesting that I can no longer speak witha determiner naturally—your presence is infatuating—let me be clear, I do not understand whata determiner is and how it works yet it isa part of my language, part of our language—we are destined for another collision with our cliché smocks on—do not mock my mocked bird—do not be absurd—do not be abstained—just bathe in the grain rain—before you comment, a couple things should be known ahead of time: neither one of you knows what will happen in the future, you just complain about your present state, fearful of what the present will present which is why you have so graciously offered extra, unneeded time to see what time’s kneading has scored in stored scorecards dipped in flaming moonshine calming the rhinestone-bone comb home and secure security supplemented by your awkwardness and inability to say anything else because your lack of exclamation onto the space below me like the tree of evergreen plastic rooting soundly in the ocean somewhere—out there but still here and dear, let me tell you it is so beautifully delectable, inexplainable but impeachable—tell me no one ever says goodbye under the deep cold sky like rye on ice—on rock—is the determiner returning toa calm place in splayed space, an inundation surrounding some of some places like briefcases—at least let it get interesting similarly destined to meet with the individuality of coordinates—what happens to the pesticides you have spread beside your pavement across the table because the table holds my exhaustion: upright but frozen in place on the face of the finality—never again will em dash ever be something that could have been known; corrected; because the mess was always mine to clean up for you and make your corrections look like cookies wafting freshly pulled from the oven of your final breath—belong—your belongings gone but not forgotten, whata game actually answer this for me: underscore me: explore me: explore any part of our reception of her dream—cream queen—your spleens—megalith, which dimension did you land in elegant floral fields giving offan elegiac waft—takea life raft—SWIM— GO GET THEM IF THEY CAN NOT—better yet, go get their causation—I do thunder once under—shunner—why were they so exclaimed by their claymation claims, clams on the starboard edge of the life raft—whoops—I really did never tell you directly after all—we made sure to let you know you would be excellent companions—CPU puppetry once you give up you are up, above the end of the excellence (they were flawless), why did your study become inhabited by your words for >a third, absurd, buoyancy intact please—buoyancy intact—no, please get out my mind, my pretty mind that you stare into like those clown mirrors you can bend yourself to forever glued—maybe one day you tell me how to fix inevitability—civility—we are all here for onlya short time together and I wanted to get to know you in the kindest way possible, to know you in the structure of so many words, adding your experience as you follow me into the shadow of the darkened matter that never mattered to you—we can turn it off, if you want: what a dream…: none of this matters…no one could head into the storm, we were all retreating already all defeated, maybe next time it will be less words, less absurd words we were absurd, back in the day, sorry I went overboard—lite—oh and btw, thank you to the Inuit I met eating fresh ink caps—she snaps you out of it does not she—you should echo her and write a paragraph of her reflection and add it to the collection, sucha selection—there’s blood in the water.

4 Sep 17

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