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In light of current vents your ridiculously snooty community commiserates with columns of row boats stored in motes turning moats into starships of past presidents turning into those yet to be elected by those who will never vote dysfunctionally—I mean—I cast my vote for usa long time ago: I vote you live the life that allows peace avoiding strife—in other words, I cast my vote for your safety and longevity but we all know 1 vote makes no difference in the bigger picture you can see in the silence after the snap of the glow stick echoes farther underground—I voted for you to have enough time to perfect everything you have written and will write—could write—I checked each box beside each word garnering my support outside the pitfalls of your broken conscience—you always meant for me to take the fall and place it in the empty box you gave me somewhere between night and day and showered me in the paradox of the snake eye on the die you wished me luck before you threw into the corner of the deadened dock where I tied your safe passage to the stem ofa clover and relinquished my need to wish you luck and my need to wish you arm-harm: I have given you the world the only way I was taught to: thoroughly and thoughtfully—whata buncha nothing served with bitters tastes like is Sweet’N Low—is it time yet for real-talk or will we always remain breathing at the surface with purpose—now, I know I should not have to tell you but I do I do do not I: the more you root yourself in your need to root me on you should know you root for my (poetic) illness—you better never let go—a white M&M was pinned to the pin rising from your pinned, violet lapel—themes, taken out into the woods of artifice, mischievously bale their kale cake curds of caution taken to the warning sign you read like this segment of text coloring this color slide that slides its color towards the light of knowledge, you, spinning slowly in the light of our knowing where what can be known sinks into infinity through the gate of divinity, you were going a mile a minute slowing towards your inevitable demise surmised by your surprise lies—WHY—TELL US WHY THINGS LIKE THIS KEEP HAPPENING—WHY DON’T YOU STOP AWFUL THINGS FROM HAPPENING—IT’S WHAT WE ALL WANTED FROM THE BEGINNING: to highlight your mistakes in the ligature of the earth—actually, maybe there actually isa question you could entertain and answer for me poetry and I will get there in 1 day if you could just speed me up and spin me again—reel me in—do you feel the loss of punctuation yet—that is some pungent grief you are expressing—which one of you has the answer to my question—there can only be 1—sunlight lights the lenses of your old eyes you wanted to watch me watch you throw into the corner ofa dock—your approval left me empty as your approval just supports my inability to explain everything to you—and, lettuce be clear—you only get 1 of those—you only get 1 once ina lifetime moment to embrace and then watch grieve you—use the stopwatch—that way you can track my improvements—there really are no more improvements to your form—nobody can shift the form ofa galaxy never mind our own—home, the final frontier, your epochal migration complete—yeah they are not going any places there are lava pits, only the dragon-like microbes expel floral fluorescence and fluoresce finely shaved pixels of the digits of the speed of light keep upa determiner has passed you by—be careful, that is all I ask of you at night, like the purple nightlight lighting your enamel, all I ask is that you no longer keep care tucked away and parachute to safety because they sent you up there to finda safe way down and could not afford to builda ladder out of the sarcasm—it isa little far—it isa little much—this isa lot of writing locking away in the digital cabinet you never opened because you had never hada reason to look away from the horrors that this world offers you in fits of laughter, just laugh about it, a better life does not exist inside a coma, stop the comet before it stops us—whata freak show—I can hear your rocking chair from the other side of the universe.

11 Sep 17

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