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Suicidal Ideation Is the Splice of Life

"An unexamined life is not worth living."
"Suicide's an alternative."
                                  -Mike Muir

humanity is the unwiped
diarrheic asshole of existence
and my nose is way too sensitive
i try to hold my breath
but only for so long before
i am blue in the cheeks
and a big whiff comes
rushing up each nostril
it's not too bad
when i'm alone in this apartment
a towel stuffed under the door
the windows all sealed tightly
and scented candles burning
sometimes i think i would be okay
if i never had to leave this apartment
but even my own odor
starts to get to me
until it's pungent
rank smells turn into rank ideas
and then i start to think
how nice it would be
not to

12 Sep 17

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