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echo chamber

you live the days in micro dosed haze
limiting drunken stupor to dusk
and sleep to dawn,
lackadaisical sunrise that it is,
just another to catalogue alongside
lost paintings and instruments no more
you live the life of pawn
just to elevate your heart rate
and match the pace of the night
where you stalk it's subtle prey
closet to closet
full of skeleton hell
you live the euthanasia fantasy
of glamor and emerald envy monologue
about your unlucky pennies
and cracks in the sidewalk,
those swollen wives tales of childhood's scraped knees,
scars now on your own being
you live for relief from families tax on responsibility
you could never pay in full
when all your currency is only imagination,
creations of heartbreaking beauty
lost in your minds eye,
staring into the center of the galaxy, year after year
you live for the universe you hibernate in,
waiting for the romantic harmonies
of all the diamonds in the world to channel your
dying wish into the animated reality
that no one ever got to see
because your walls were so high
I could go on and on but the truth is you can't hear me over the music and you'd only disagree even if you saw the evidence because
you live

20 Sep 17

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