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Had you not not boughta bow for the bough of the doe’s antlers I would still be looking at your face painted ona wall in the squall—sometimes I love myself more than myself then, myself, I walk on the jealous newspaper rolled under your sweeping arm farm—the extent of what I will and can tell you is controlled by incessancy: their need to take your ideas for profit standing on the granite people throwing signals onto their agendas—for better or worse—‘you should just stop them’ I hear you think—there is botha lack of limit anda boundary to our communication, since when do we say since when we younger leaving poems on the front of fridges on ridges of fridges, leave the porridge out for the seagull again pop the top of your collar you slave away at each morning born again into the illusionary ease of the sunlight—it is so so write it is so bright but forget the sos signal, forget your eagerness to not report the information onto the form correctly—that would be a criticism were criticism not exorcised from your prescription to make inscriptions on the row of life’s 4 Porsches, pruning prose does not create me from scratching scratchers witha flyswatter—water please—don't sneeze—just don't—don't—don't let me be written like that, skin the kiwi, gently, do not hurt yourself in the process, assess, something’s amiss, I have not gone back to read everything I have ever said yet, still, I would tell you to imprison me but absolutely nothing would change, you never read me to begin with, you didn't have eyes yet, you had not even crawled out of the water of the salty womb and bloomed in the face of everything that had been with the chimeric specter roaring from inside you to end your absence attending to the absent, abstain, I promise what you abstain from now may or may not be available to you later—there they knew the new secrecy is secrets are bad news bears dressed in wolf in sheep’s clothing—just don't spoil me—don't buy me anything for any occasion—buy for need, let go of what you need—you knew that the word known would be used incorrectly as the lesser and become something I will never explain to you, only ride out this illness and leave like everyone else: bewildered—see, you, along with anyone else, (singularly, asa group, asa whole) will never write or read me completely—we exist incomplete for eternity—don't EVER ask me why ever again—it'sa sin—the passive omnicidal comet has my coordinates, not yours, unless of course you don't correct its course—I would rather not watch the earth warp into whoops as I listen to your gasp—I can hear you now like I couldn't hear you then when the locusts descended into the mineshaft you built with spells you cast in pyroclastic witchcraft out carbon monoxide, don't breathe in the asbestos, I can no longer just sit and talk to you, I have to leave and return later at dawn break breakdancing on the forest floor—I always knew you were going to fail me and feel nothing—I was never worthy—I would never be supported doing the one thing I knew how to do were it not for you and you didn't have a haven to eatan acorn in—I wish you could talk to my parents—I wish i HAD parents—I wish we could have gotten to know the roots of our creation—sublimation—I can feel you all abandoning me—I can hear your loss for words—how palpable—I know I scared the stars out of you, please accept my rue ona golden platter—the golden wire will not break—the wire does not run on commitment alone like us—what better trust is there than trust that is built on trust—don't rush—bend betwixt do not break the gator rake, it is important in the future when the future will once again become unwritten and lost, invisible on the page again rising from the ashes like the Phoenix of fermentation: excellent, then it’san ‘it’sa deal’—pretty squeal—I wonder if some will think to run instead of accepting the scenario with open arms like a teddy bear, I wonder if some will just go on and on and on until the cylinder turns the cliff-edge and echoes into the canyon—one day we’ll go for more than 1 day, but right now I just need to sleep and return to other dreams, equally important dreams, but dreams none the less—I would welcome any suggestions fora question, I mean, I have plenty of my own answers, none of which any of you have used—let's just go back to sleep again and when we wake up alone we’ll realize it was alla dream—why wait, have a snicker.

23 Sep 17

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