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I'll take inan illness before I ever write ‘in ore’ again ina poem you kept inside the rib cage enclosure making up your chest—you're the best—don't test—even once you do, you looka little off balance in that picture you're balancing on the tip of the capital a—now, if we're to contract ‘you were a’ into ‘you’re a’ would you still count your blessing or just have a heart attacking laughter bantering beside the battered blossom of the last radish to be grown and prepared on their planet—if you look far enough away, you can see their activities are just like yours—this activity of returning to the topic at the foot disease convention—spooky—look, at some point I will tire myself out and carry you as light in my hearty mind—I can see myself leaving a voicemail message on the voicemail of the last person on Earth—the affinity of your affinity for unidirectional corrections finishes—the yeast raised the bread like a mild child beguiled: tiredly—one day the words we knew will kick back on kick back on—sign to me in your natural languages—in the end we are all equal—in the end there might be much I have not been able to explain to you—thief—perhaps we should listan outline we could follow—perhaps we could just read something else stuck together how is the weather planted firmly by the minuscule comet—there are many types of comets—icy bodies, thoughts, fears, the birthing ofan eulogized analogy—your crew still stands strong standing with their backs against the monsoon soon—I guess I just wanted you to work it out amongst yourselves—I can only say so much in the visual space—I do not live in action—the shutter snaps—a wheel falls off into the pile of leave notes—hey, the comet wants us to go, it isn't responding to my directives, it isn't listening in on your will to live, I can't stop it, you will have to plan to accommodate my provocations, although if you have listened closely you can hear the shock of other life on other planets like the dinosaurs living ina different world unfurl—if you paid me to read we could set upa better containment—you can still read through the blue marble—warbler—I believe it is time for another break, a visitation, where afterwards I will return to the place you loved me before you isolated me ona page cage—you were never going to let me finish, you always kept other interactions up your club sleeves—at which point were you planning to take me out on the town astounded—yes—a portion of the profits will disappear into clear night sky—darkness is clear despite your visionary interpretations—this is difficult to envision through the prescription of your description—perhaps this is not everything I could say, I could say I could do better doing my best so you can believe that you can do better overcoming the hurdles in my malformations—but duller—the caller identifies themselves from the armored mobile command key, which, of course, if you are really paying attention, is just absurd beyond measure—made up if you would like to try the different forms we will cannon will into your stomach through your esophageal tissue—blister—bubble in the sunlight shining your refracted rainbows—condone glow—preserve the very best parts of yourself—a lot of punctuation is pronounced in my form, my push into the reel, unable to reel in the other direction, such and sucha collection—when you taste the air around you does the taste of the air taste familiar—this conversational snippet isa question so we are going to have to just move on because this is not our 1 question we would ask were we to have a cavernous need to ask only 1 question, so why not just have me ask questions from here on out, question the questions that you believe to be important, I had lots of questions, I sold questions by the barrel like aphids ina green barrel—‘you flew right by the writing’ the you-know-what said to a page of confessions—yes, list them out on the page for me so we can have an honest discussion about which parts make you whole in the many eyes of humans—please forgive me for bragging about absolutely nothing the double mint gum wrapper thins in the calm mint—I have watched you watch me go on like a light in the harshness of the void that exists on the edge of the galactic ring curved over—lover you are nota fighter—can you not still read me and perform your tribute lightly—I would be absence here—the black hole of forgiveness—the washers of the universe—the big bright bug I avoided holding close to you and built a backing for from scratch scratches you—say ‘scratch some records’ again—let us hear it backwards before we make our final judgment call—peachy, peachy keen.

26 Sep 17

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