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Dismisses demons
We don't
Shoplift much anymore
We don't
Speed in our cars
Might as well assign
Us tractors
(Heartening - however
The young all
Honk hello)
And to be blunt
We simply have no
Energy to blowtorch
The cat
Ushers in the present
Not forgetfulness
Rather a necessary
Embrace of the
No need
To concern ourselves
With the past
Locations of keys
Even houses
Just needless clutter
Slows us
We slow
But here's the catch
Each year passes faster
And faster
And faster

28 Sep 17

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concur totally, and a fun office wall hanging to go next to 'walk a mile in my shoes' and, 'the rules.'

kind of ignores 'the wild old wicked man', and 'sailing to byzantium' though.

i think i'd go, '

slows us

instead of 'age', cause i'm still pretty quick, but my knees won't let me sprint more than two blocks for the bus, and i hate that.

also, 'ushers' comes off a little oblique -- i thought of ushers for weddings or funerals, since this is about our relationship with society and not our relationship with our actual creative self.

firms the present,
seals it

not forgetfulness
but the embrace of now;
no need to concern
over lost keys
or even houses --
clutter, decorating
our corridor to other rooms;
tunnel of light.
 — cadmium

The insistence on capitalizing each new line combined with the lack of punctuation is really grating and makes this hard to read. Punctuation (commas, periods, semi-colons) and capitalization exist for the purposes of flow and this piece becomes very difficult to read without either. I can't see any meaningful reason to leave these kinds of indicators out either.

l9-11 is its own thought and should really be a new stanza. Same comment for l12-15

l25 - locations of keys reads weird. I think the double pluralization is throwing this off. It stacks again in l26 with "houses"

l28-29 and l30 are saying the same thing. The repetition here is uneccessary.
 — Inuki

inuki has never been taught how to read a modern poem, and doesn't know that poetry is the invention of language. inuki thinks poetry shows how high class. insulting the author by saying that the line capitalization is wrong, shows that inuki actually has never read englishmen's poetry. in the books, all the classical poets have initial capitalization. and, if inuki is saying that that is old fashioned, why is inuki trying to get this author to re-write the poem so that it sounds like victorian era prose?

i had a teacher in  the second grade who was like inuki. all her energy went to trying to get poor whites not to say 'ain't'. i had to be in the school with these kids, because my step-dad was trying to start a business in the area, but happily he was a retard about business and we moved back to the west coast.

poets invent language. it's ignorant to think that poets use business school english practices to write what business school students wouldn't even dream of writing. point: we don't write poetry for low-ability readers. they've got manga and robert frost.
 — cadmium

My speed dial registers 200 mph...A poem to ponder here.

Larry old as them thar hills Lark
 — larrylark