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"gen why" response (reaction poem)

the bitch said to me
she'd gut me like a fish
but i knew she wouldn't
she couldn't shes a bish
(nicki minaj rap bit now)
takin' the fish outta my bish
whats up why you talkin so rish
I ain't got time for complainin
so restraining
my booty pants don't need no training
do the right thing girl,
you know what it is
bang bang bang
get rid of that jizz
(back to me)
i learnt my lesson
to masterbate
no point in love
when you don't want to procreate
all relationships are gonna sink
so gonna have to do a rethink
(snoop dogg comes in)

1 Oct 17

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for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite action. flush.

i like the play in this, and probably that's the level most poets work on, since just telling a version of the truth doesn't take any soul. i play too.
 — cadmium

everything that is flushed will come out the other end from the other end and that is the end
 — impoppy

ooh. profound. but, i meant that my face flushed in embarrassment that you'd written the greatest effective poem ever written. that's why i gave this a ten.
 — cadmium

"i like the play in this, and probably that's the level most poets work on," i play too :)
 — impoppy

bitch-fish-bish is good.
'masterbate' - procreate is seminal.
 — cadmium