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you boring
hand drawn and water colored
lazy fucks,
slumping back and
lurking the word smiths,
the magic makers,
slipping your pointer finger and stupid thumb
up up to scroll down down
through the dank memes
and the lazy fuck reposts and confirmation biases
you don't have to think about
so you can just laugh and point
and blame the system,
the awful, god awful truth
you bury right alongside your empty head;
you don't know the difference
between their opinion or are there other opinions?
you just figure that somewhere
you'll eventually end up yak yak yaking
about something you love
that everyone cares about
and everyone wants to know about
and you can show them
spouting, spewing high dynamic lust for
the very same
inertness and free falling madness
towards the rock bottom sameness
and hopeless singalong tag-a-long fuck-it-all
gore-fest of misinformation, ignorant bliss.
you indifferent
spiteful frost-bite.
you midnight creeping-in-the-dark fading flashlight.
lick your lips
copy and paste.

7 Oct 17

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i think you think people care about you. that's a mistake. that makes you say too many things too often like you were drunk showing your dick to bag ladies like they were your mother. that's just drunk.
 — cadmium

ah. dvd. so this is where you go when you can't think of anything to say.
 — cadmium

not true. this is where I come to argue with you.
 — dvdsxr

fuck what people think. I don't think people care about me... people are way too busy living their lives. and ...i don't care what they think.
 — dvdsxr

re do
 — dvdsxr

words is blood.
 — cadmium

do you realize how stupid that sounds?
 — dvdsxr

do you realize how un-conscious and non-verbal your country-crafted response sounds to me?

'words' is a thing. 'blood' is a thing. in poetry, the words are the blood cells and the melodic connection between them is the heart and circulation of the poem.

if you only want a CNN kind of poetry, put on a pretty face.
 — cadmium