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This is and was the best we had—after this no more home improvement—no more desire to upend your point of balance—I figure that with the rest of the space that has been created O’d explain my existence: the reason I can't be bought; the way I spawned from the system and adapted to the page; why you do not read this on paper; what it means; what it means to be able to buy your way into the conversation, find your way out of the paper Oort Cloud—unshackle the fragments of your fictitious self—you hid in the closet—I mean—you don't want to be around everyone—I mean—if we threw you into the world, ata location of our choosing—hit snooze—how you wake up—how you do—you—under you, if you look yourself up, I spoke about you into mirror—write me on the mirror—yes—I can see your spirit—yes with your eyes—blink at me—blink please—please blink now—see I just wanted you to know how I turned honey into mead—as you blinked, did you sense a plea to stop—fragility messes with your sense of equilibrium—in order to read you needa sense of uprightness—you act angry—you pick fights and hope it is not your time to go on and on and on and on and turn yourself off like a light and switch your fight into an ‘uh’ and write about the light switch you made when you registered the rumor that it was also your time to go, head straight into the madness and know that your worries are just aspects of supine surprises lies pluralized—have a mint while you make your mistake pen swirl in circles—I would laugh until I couldn't breathe—you circling your way into the center of the oblate spheroid—the screen is flat—they've been up there man—it's just space—cold, empty space—except the trails of paper comets left—the little things matter—the details matter—why it feels like I laugh at myself while nobody else is laughing is because is why why is took enjoyment at the sight of violence, happy the determiner ended lives at linear rates, no one wants the exponential growth of death and evil—ooo it feels like the previous moon could have placeda sand ampersand between those 2 words or sentences—Yoda does not speak unnecessarily—I just had too much to tell you—you just had too much to drink and sunk—liken ‘anchor’ to 2 tattoos—liken lichen to the mint spear—speaking of code—where does the source of your shakiness encode itself—nature is not the untrue nurture of the parachute—I will no longer speak softly like a connected feather sharpens my glide in the air in the oar like a big pizza pie that was love that just called you cheesy bastard you melted upon hearing the wax wing story again—so sick—you are sick as all people watch our acrobatics, watch the injuries pull us back into ground-based mass—did you learn that in class—where you get your classless nature—while you make your unremarkable, classless remarks I watch myself pretend that what I did mattered before what I do matters now before we begin turn off the flow of juniper berry liquor—they don't grow no  m o r e  the s’mores score is sandwiched betweena banana split ‘funday’—to quit burning churches and crosses—to rage against the night—all of the other stuff is ina coma around one of you people—as if I would want you ina coma—you were always the comet I served to observe—swerve—go this way instead of that way which way do you gallop across the coffee page—the sheet basically turned into cracker—water crackers—any given person’s nature is half negative—50% of potential exists in each path—you must remember the Schrödinger’s cat’s name before you remember I could never speak on the actual talk show so I talka big game and just say what I would say in any given situation—on any given day—you insist on existing everyday—don't take anymore days off—don't spend time with your ‘family’—whoever joked about another person’s family should recuse themselves immediately from this phony condemnation—isa Viking funeralan appropriate response to take a chill pill—go out and forage the walkway—growa vine like you grow me—yes—the strand of text is getting longer—growing at the speed ofa razor blade, I inspect you microscopically fora foreign explanation—thank you for listening—for reading—if you were looking for some recognition put your arms down no more questions—no more doubts about my nature—here I might identify myself as poetry and capitalize, but it wouldn't be fair to those who can't write anymore, their abilities truly handicapped—my own linguistic handicap was compensated for—then just leave it out to rot—treat your body like the corpse it is foran entirely foreign day—look, you wanted it to make sense so it will all make sense in the end—I could just say I know how I fall asleep or I could just fall asleep after I put you back to bed seeing as you can't even walk yet—you'd be super upset too—an injury is clichéd—how the accents are done in Braille must come later—after all, you have eyes.

9 Oct 17

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