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How Dare You!

Why can't you see what you are?
God is what u are looking 4

could it be that god isn't here 4 u?

4 Nov 17

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Infinity is hell,  I don't want another moment.
 — percocet

 — percocet

u r u
 — percocet

r u here 4 me?
 — percocet

don't forget to be u.
 — percocet

u could have won the world from there.
 — percocet

fuck Hillary.
 — percocet

relieve me.
 — percocet

me dumb
 — percocet

u plz
 — percocet

can u save me?
 — percocet

My dick is God,
If u want it to be.
 — percocet

0mankind looses intelligence.
 — percocet

we r here 4 u
 — percocet

s fool will be their 4 u
 — percocet

sry, some Mexican oranged my myspace.
 — percocet

Peace percocet, it's propaganda to me. You rushed too much. You played too fast and loose. You had much to explain to your readers, what have been clicking in the intricacies in your mind that tells you this way?
 — Qayyum

god don't care, but when you stick your head out the window you're god.
 — cadmium