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untitled (just for wading)

a sculpture garden, not a sculpture.  wander around.  you cant get lost.

we all start eating at the same time, so
we all feel polite.
if there's one thing we do well, it's mean.
i have four chairs in storage.
why store a chair?
it is not necessary to drink
eight glasses each day.
benefits have not been shown.
drink when you're thirsty.
gut trusters in the past would
get together by the youngbloods.
it is not necessary to stretch
before activity.
benefits have not been shown.
just go ahead and run.
let's jetlag
let's photocopy
let's softshoe
let's lightswitch
let's walkman
let's gus grissom
let's punk-&-
let's dewer's, die
seeing things I've never seen
inside my own house,
i photograph them.
bills of foe & kooning!
every single morning
you can experience the certainty
that the previous night's decision
was correct.
each time you hit snooze,
you wake up in a different place.
here, my hand is held.
are you we
   with me?
try to pin me down and i'll hug you.
you know us.

1 Nov 02

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This is really nuts, but for some reason it really interested me, and I like it.
 — Moose

reminds me of fight club (the book more than the movie)
 — unknown

24-26 is droolworthy. i suppose 27 is a reference that i don't get, but other than that i love the second half of the poem much, much (much) more.
 — jade

whoa. i get the feeling i have to print this and hang it on my wall for a couple weeks to get to the center of the tootsiepop.
 — unknown

Your poetry is so.. wow.
I'm beginning to agree with whoever called it ludicrous, but i don't mean that in a bad way, not at all!
it's so clever, and that's what makes me love it. Some things I have to read 5 and 6 times before I go, "..ohhhhh, I get it NOW!"

you make me think. and i like you for that.
 — unknown

if the payoff is worth reading it 5 or 6 times,
then that's about the best compliment
i personally wish for.
 — gnormal

i'm in love with line 3.
 — done

Awesome poem about us.
 — unknown

it was really screwed up and it didn't make anysense to me, but honestly, more power to you.
 — stainedsteal

wow its realy good and it sounds well wow
 — unknown

i love how there are so many seemingly random thoughts that you connected.  and i agree with whoever said they like you for making them think.  your poems perpetually grab my attention and make me think, which is my favorite thing to do.
keep writing and posting.
 — mashdownbaby

this gallery is sold out.
: )
 — fractalcore

one day, i am going to be a lord. or even a sir.
 — raskolniikov

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 — unknown

thanks for bumping this, unk.
still so nice to read.

; )
 — fractalcore

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