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a flower comes
it reflects a flower
a bird comes
it reflects a bird
beautiful object
reflected as beautiful
ugly object
reflected as ugly
everything revealed
as it is
no discriminating
no self-consciousness
always true
pure and lucid

8 Nov 17

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nice construction. i think truth is created. ego might be the fuel, but mindlessness is just that which is not paying attention. any meditation is a negation -- even the meditation of writing a real poem. you accept that you're grounded in ego and love it, then write yourself into helplessness -- out of ego. That is what making art is about.
 — cadmium

i do not think anything is created, even truth, but rather given another form. myself for example. i do not recall the time but I know once i was stardust and then i became this being. when i pass, over time, i will once again return to stardust, a perfect circle. as for my ego, egos are soulless, and when i pass my ego will stay behind, like all the other materialistic crap i have gathered over the years. namaste.
 — unknown