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all mind
completely illusional
sense of self
believe in
cling to
a myth
a story
a lie
told over and over
until we believe it

10 Nov 17

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turgid. I don't at all believe that you intuit something outside nature. I feel you're placing these words to make what you say not be so. I think you see on some level the energies working on your consciousness. you like ego. ego allows you to just say stuff like this without these spirits harming you back. you're being 'scientific'. the separation of phrases is both experimental and final.

'illusional' is impressionistic -- a picture of mind as a thing for ego: 'this is mine'

'told by...' -- but, really, 'told to.' told to you.

Poetry writing writes an illusion of life into the life of the unsupecting reader. all done in wording. a poem is always a picture of the beautiful poet. by creating this, you've given us an ego entity we can trust. theRe is no 'unconscious', only the need to express in any way we can to be free of fear. but, there is an unconscious in crafting, in making art. that unconscious is 'grammar'. poets invent grammar: we give maps and pathways to mindless chatterers.
 — cadmium